Frenzy Mermaids tails and monofins

Featured Products

Featured Products

Live The Dream, Make It Real

Have you envisioned swimming in glistering blue waters like an actual mermaid? Well, your wishes have been answered as Frenzy Mermaids’ exclusive tails and monofins will help you embody the nuanced characteristics and sizzling mannerisms of a life-sized mermaid. With our exquisite collections of stylish and comfortable mermaid tails, monofins and swimwear, we make your swimming experience enjoyable and memorable.

We construct our products with one mantra in mind - Great on land, better in water!

Features & Fabrics

Our fabrics are technologically advanced and designed to keep you comfortable at all times. With the most advanced features, our mermaid tails are fade resistant and durable. The fabric is made of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex.

Your style, your fit

Our Mermaid Products come in a range of great fits and styles. We are sure you will find your favorite set of Mermaid Essentials. Make sure to check our size chart before purchasing any product from our shop.

About us

With extensive research and an expert team, Frenzy Mermaids aims to create some wonderful monofins and mermaid tails. We are dedicated to developing a beautiful and safe mermaiding experience for the people of +6 age group.
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  • Ms. Amal (Dubai DIP Teachers Accommodation)
    My daughter loved it and the size is perfect.
    Ms. Amal (Dubai DIP Teachers Accommodation)
  • Ms. Shahad Bukhatir (Sharjah)
    Ms. Shahad Bukhatir (Sharjah)
  • Ms. Mahara ( Sharjah)
    I  just wanted to thank you, my daughter love it a lot. Thank you so much.
    Ms. Mahara ( Sharjah)
  • Ms. Anjili (Dubai - Alsafa 2)
    It’s great and popular with the kids. Thanks.
    Ms. Anjili (Dubai - Alsafa 2)
  • Mahra Yousif (Sharjah)
    Thanks for the Mermaid Tail. It was so amazing, it's so easy to put on and the colors are literally the best.
    Thank you for everything.
    Mahra Yousif (Sharjah)
  • Ms. Aysha Alromaithi (Dubai)
    Frenzy Mermaids products was amazing. The kids loved it.
    Ms. Aysha Alromaithi (Dubai)
  • Ms. Maryam Almazrouai (Umm Al Quwain, UAE)
    Frenzy Mermaids products are amazing really amazing, thank you very much.
    Ms. Maryam Almazrouai (Umm Al Quwain, UAE)
  • Cathy Jones
    The monofin and swimsuit that I ordered are so much nicer than anything I have seen. The design along with the perfect fit of the wearables make me feel confident like a real mermaid. The swimsuit also had a blend of phenomenally beautiful colours with a dash of shimmer.
    Cathy Jones
  • Emma Calgary
    I couldn’t help but squeal with glee as soon as I got into my mermaid tail. It felt as if the tail turned me into a real mermaid and the rich, sublime colours were a treat to the eyes.
    Emma Calgary
  • Christina Kane
    For me safety trumps everything, therefore I was always so skeptical of things like monofins. But the safety information on the website convinced me to give it a try and I am glad that I did.
    Christina Kane
  • Natasha Cooper
    My daughter was so delighted, not only with the unique design of the mermaid tail but also because how easy it was for her to start cruising into the water without any expert training.
    Natasha Cooper

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